Attack On Titan Incorporated Into College Lecture

Attack On Titan is set to begin its final chapter in the world of the anime, brought to life by Studio MAPPA of Jujutsu Kaisen fame, and one college professor had apparently incorporated the thoughtful structure of the society created by Hajime Isayama into a lecture for his students to help in explaining imperialism! Though the anime focuses on the idea of giant, naked behemoths chomping down innocent civilians that are trapped within a series of walls, the latest installments have explored the world beyond in dissecting the societies of both Marley and Eldia!

In the fourth season of the anime, and within the story that is currently playing out in the recent chapters of Attack On Titan, the nation of Marley has been explored as both Eren Jaeger and his friends find themselves taking very different roles as they bring the war directly to their enemies. While a number of the story points have been considered controversial by fans in the past, there is definitely a number of story points and characters that definitely can be explored under a microscope to see how the saga of the Survey Corps reflects real life events. In short, using Attack On Titan as a way to explore imperialism is certainly an amazing choice when all is said and done.

Reddit User One Happy Melon shared a hilarious image that shows how his college professor was able to use Attack On Titan to help explore the ideas of imperialism in the war between Marley and Eldia which will once again be taking center stage in the fourth and final season of the anime:

So our college prof for our politics class was discussing imperialism and brought up SNK.... from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

Marley has most assuredly been the aggressor throughout the dark anime franchise, unleashing Titan after Titan on the huddled masses of the Eldian people, and with the final installments of the series, Eren and his friends are bringing the war to them. Unfortunately however, this too seems to come at a heavy cost as friends have become enemies in the final chapters of the series and it's clear that the series might not be headed to a "happy ending" that many believe the characters of the series deserves.

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