Attack On Titan Shines a New Spotlight on Yelena Amidst Midseason Finale

The first half of Attack On Titan's fourth and final season has come to a close, and with it, [...]

The first half of Attack On Titan's fourth and final season has come to a close, and with it, viewers had the opportunity to learn more about one of the new characters that were introduced in these latest installments in Yelena, a new addition to the cast who came from the nation of Marley. With Yelena working to further the goals of Zeke, aka the Beast Titan, who she sees as the savior of Eldia and the world, this anime finale showed audiences just how far the soldier was willing to go to enact the eldest Jaeger's "Euthanasia Plan".

Eren Jaeger, and his followers the "Jaegerists", have gone to insane lengths to take control of the nation of Eldia, spiking the wine drunk by the military with spinal fluid so that the highest members of the regiments could be placed under their control or transformed into Titans with one simple yell by Zeke. Yelena during the episode takes an opportunity to meet with several members of the Survey Corps who have been captured by Jaeger's forces, attempting to explain to them just what they are hoping to accomplish with Zeke's "Euthanasia Plan" which is looking to make sure that no Eldian has to ever suffer from the world they find themselves in.

Attack On Titan Yelena
(Photo: MAPPA)

In order to do this, Yelena explains that Zeke wants to use the power of the Founding Titan to make sure that Eldians can never reproduce, meaning that the power of the Titans would eventually die out when the final child of Ymir dies of old age. While not exactly an ideal strategy when laid bare, the plan apparently moves Armin to tears in that it is attempting to end the war against the island of Paradis in one of the most peaceful ways possible.

Yelena might have been kind to the Survey Regiment, but she certainly wasn't afraid to prove that she was willing to put her money where her mouth is, as she kills one of her fellow "Jaegerists" for being "rude", as the Marleyian native was referring to the imprisoned soldiers as "Island Devils". The follower of Zeke is definitely one of the most interesting characters to arrive to the franchise this season, and fans can definitely expect big things from her when the anime returns in 2022.

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