Attack on Titan Creator Addresses His Future With Manga

Attack on Titan may be over, but the series is back in the headlines long after its close. With the anime slated to make its final bow next year, all eyes are on Eren Yeager ahead of the big finish. Of course, more eyes are on the series than usual as its creator just made their U.S. debut at Anime NYC, and it was there they told fans a bit about their future plans.

At the event, Hajime Isayama greeted fans in the United States for the first time, and he answered plenty of questions during a sold-out panel. It was there the artist was asked about his current projects, and they admitted they have no intentions of creating more manga.

So, there you have it. Attack on Titan was Isayama's first and final manga outing. The artist says he won't make any more manga now that Attack on Titan is over, so fans should savor the series.

What's Next for Isayama?

With no plans in mind for more manga, fans are understandably curious about Isayama's plans for the future. Art might not be their passion any longer, but it seems Isayama has shown interest in other careers. In fact, the artist has famously told fans he loves spas and would love to run one once Attack on Titan is done.

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"I have a project in mind," Isayama told fans years ago during an interview for Attack on Titan. "Once Attack on Titan is over and I successfully hurt everyone, I dream of opening a spa."

In the past, Attack on Titan has done collaborations with spas across Japan, so it seems Isayama was serious about his interest. Now, the question remains whether the artist will invest in a spa of his own. Fans would no doubt visit in droves should one open, and if Isayama feels like it, there's crossover potential between his spa and the steaming Colossal Titan...!

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