Attack on Titan Reveals Eren's Fate

Warning! Massive spoilers for Attack on Titan's final chapter below! Attack on Titan revealed Eren [...]

Warning! Massive spoilers for Attack on Titan's final chapter below! Attack on Titan revealed Eren Yeager's final fate with its final chapter ever! After much anticipation and build up, the final chapter of Hajime Isayama's long running and ultra popular series has finally released. With this final chapter comes some much needed closure for many of the series' characters, and that undoubtedly includes Eren himself. Starting as the main protagonist of the series, the final arc of Attack on Titan flipped the script as Eren firmly placed himself as the main antagonist for the final major conflict of the series.

The penultimate chapter of the series saw Eren pushed to his final moments as he unleashed the full scope of his final Attack Titan transformation. Separated from Ymir and the Founding Titan's power, Mikasa brought the fight against Eren to the end with one final blow separating his head from spine. With the final chapter, Eren's fate has been confirmed. He's died.

Attack on Titan Final Chapter Eren Death Alive Ending Spoilers
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Chapter 139 of the series jumps back in time to a conversation that Eren had with Armin before his death. Just like his final mental space conversation with Mikasa, Eren lays out all of his thoughts with Armin and essentially accepts the fact that he will die for everything he's done. Although he explains done all of this to protect Armin and the others, this path only had one ending for him that he foresaw through his Attack Titan power.

It's confirmed soon after when Mikasa arrives with Eren's head. Eren has officially died, and with his death comes the end of the Titan power overall (saving all of those who were forcibly transformed in the penultimate chapter). After all of this, Mikasa takes Eren's head and buries him under the tree that they loved. As the series comes to an end, the world begins to move on.

New factions begin to form, new conflicts start to break out, and it's revealed that three years later that the battles for Paradis will continue. But it's implied that while the world is forced to continue fighting and struggling, Eren has finally achieved his dream for freedom through death. Mikasa is happy to feel Eren's spirit around her as the series comes to an end, but she's going to live on alone.

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