Attack on Titan Reveals How Far Eren is Willing to Go

Attack on Titan's final arc has been steadily morphing Eren Yeager into the final villain of the [...]

Attack on Titan's final arc has been steadily morphing Eren Yeager into the final villain of the series, and the newest chapter of the series revealed just how far Eren is truly willing to go in this final conflict. Throughout the final arc of the series we have seen how Eren deliberately made the decision to bond with the power of the Founding Titan after he used his power to look forward in time to see the future. He's been set on making this future happen by destroying the rest of the world, but there was a hope that some semblance of his old self still in him.

The newest chapter of the series, however, reveals just how far gone Eren is at this point when he makes contact with Mikasa and the surviving members of the Survey Corps. He revealed that he's willing to go through with his plans despite the protests of the others, and if it comes to it, he'll be sure to take them down as well.

Chapter 133 of the series sees Mikasa, Armin, and the surviving Survey Corps members (together with Reiner and Pieck) are brought into the Coordinate space by Eren for one last conversation. Armin and Mikasa beg Eren to stop the Rumbling because he's saved Paradis from the outside world but he reveals to them that he won't stop and "let fate decide."

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Still seeing this as fighting for his freedom, he has vowed to continue the world's destruction and admits that he and they will eventually collide. They are not going to stop saving the world, and he's not going to stop destroying it. He's left it by saying they have nothing to do but fight from here on out. Further reflecting how far gone he is now is his appearance as well.

Not only has he become an eternal child in the Coordinate space like Ymir thanks to completely bonding with the power of the Founding Titan, but his body in the real world has taken on a monstrous new form with a completely disfigured version of the Titan form that he had been using for the rest of the series. With Eren at this point, there's really only one way to end this fight: bloodshed.

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