Attack On Titan Flashback Gives Better Look at Eren's Cowardice

As Attack On Titan moves closer to its curtain call, everything is being left on the table and former friends have turned into enemies, and in a particularly disturbing flashback in the latest installment of the manga, we see just how low one of our favorite heroes has gone. Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of the series who has been the POV character for quite some time, has definitely entered a new phase in his life that has had dire ramifications in the long running war between Eldia and Marley!

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on Chapter 131 of Attack On Titan's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory that will spoil the events of season four!

Eren Jaeger has gone insane with power, inheriting the abilities of the Founding Titan and finding himself now able to control the Titans of the world. Though his mission remains of ending the war between Marley and Eldia, he has decided to do so by eliminating anyone in the world that doesn't happen to have Eldian blood running through their veins. Ordering a large cadre of Titans to stampede across the country of Marley, soldiers and innocents alike are trampled under their feet.

Attack On Titan Cowardice
(Photo: Kodansha)

While Eren doing this is one thing, a flashback shows that Jaeger had a far more personal encounter before deciding to take the route of genocide. Wandering through the nation of Marley, Eren encounters a refugee child who is being assaulted by the towns folk and instead of helping, Jaeger does nothing but apologize for being the future cause of his death. Not only doe Eren kill the refugee child and his brother, but he does so in a horrific way as they both fall beneath the feet of the stampeding Titans.


This moment goes a long way in showing that redemption for Eren Jaeger is nigh impossible, with the former hero viewing the death of scores of innocent people as an acceptable loss. It's a cowardly act in his bid to create a "new world" that both he and Armin had once dreamed of. Eren's cowardly action comes from taking the "easy way out" and not using his insane power to stop the war in an understandable way that minimized harm. With the new version of the Survey Corps attempting to stop him, it will be interesting to see what the final fate of Eren Jaeger is.

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