Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer Debuts New Mikasa Look

Attack on Titan's final season is coming our way, and the debut trailer for it debuted new looks [...]

Attack on Titan's final season is coming our way, and the debut trailer for it debuted new looks for each of our favorites, including Mikasa Ackerman. Attack on Titan finally released our first concrete look at the fourth and final season, and not only did it surprise with the fact that the anime's final run will be produced by a new studio and staff but it showed much of what we can expect for the final season. This includes a new look for the Survey Corps as they have gotten older, and Mikasa has gotten a full makeover.

One scene in the final season's trailer shows Mikasa jumping in to save someone in the midst of a major conflict. Like the other members of the Corps, Mikasa is donned in a dark black look with a more armored take on her usual uniform. But the big difference here is the fact that she is now years older and has much shorter hair this time around.

Fans of the manga might recognize where this scene is coming from, and it's from early on into the final arc of the series. When Attack on Titan finally returns for its fourth and final season, it will see Mikasa and the other members of the Survey Corps taking on a whole war against a neighboring nation. It's why they are decked out in such a dark new look, too.

Attack on Titan Final Season Mikasa New Look Season 4
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

The final season will see them making one of the first moves in a conflict, and it's a far cry from their fights in the past. Before the humans in the series had to fight to protect themselves, but as we've seen in the third season and what we'll see in the fourth, humanity has to get much more aggressive in the coming battle.

The final arc is one of the most chaotic in the series thus far, and fans are hoping this all translates to the anime as well as it hits in the manga run in the series. With a leading Mikasa look like this, there's a good chance it will.

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