Attack on Titan Trailer Introduces the War Hammer Titan

Attack on Titan commands a large number of Titans, but there are some more powerful than others. It is no secret that Eren inherited one such Titan along with several of his peers. And thanks to the first trailer for Attack on Titan's final season, fans can meet a new Titan who promises to join those ranks. And if Eren is lucky, he might find a way to beat this impossibly strong newcomer!

It was not long ago that the new trailer for Attack on Titan debuted, and it gave us a first look at season four. This final season promises to wrap up the story that Hajime Isayama founded about a decade ago. The trailer was a whirlwind to experience, and manga readers noticed a special Titan in the clip.

So if you do not want to be spoiled, proceed very cautiously! There will be spoilers below for the manga and the final season:

attack on titan war hammer
(Photo: Mappa Studios)

When you watch the trailer, you will see the Titan in question at a minute thirty. The mark sees Eren waging war on an unfamiliar city while another Titan challenges him. This monster looks unlike any fans have seen before given its white skin and slit mouth. The monster appears to be very powerful as it obliterates a building with a single hammer strike, so fans are looking forward to this battle.


Of course, Attack on Titan readers are aware that this creature is the War Hammer Titan. It is one of the Titans of Ymir just like the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan. The War Hammer Titan has the ability to create insanely strong weapons from its body such as its infamous war hammer, so Eren has an interesting time facing this threat. But as all you readers will know, the protagonist pulls an impressive win in the end.

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