Attack On Titan Unveils Bronze Statue of Levi

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season is currently underway, setting the stage for the final [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season is currently underway, setting the stage for the final adventure of the Survey Corps within the world of the wandering behemoths, and Japan is making sure that the franchise created by Hajime Isayama is going out with a bang by unveiling some new specs for the upcoming bronze statue of Captain Levi. With the event that is debuting the new statue slated to arrive on March 6th, it seems that one of the most powerful members of the Survey Corps is being brought to life in a big new way.

Surprisingly enough, this wouldn't be the first statue erected to honor the cast of Attack On Titan, with bronze statues of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa erected at the base of the Oyama Dam in the Oita Prefecture, hilariously attempting to recreate the protagonists in their youth staring down a giant wall. Things have changed a great deal in the series since the early days that the trio of future soldiers watched the walls being brought down by the Colossal Titan, but it's clear that the impact of Attack On Titan is slated to continue following the conclusion of the franchise.

Twitter User Attack On Titan Wiki shared the details about the ceremony that will give Japan a new bronze statue of fan-favorite character, Captain Levi, joining the likes of life-sized Gundams and individual statues of the Straw Hats from One Piece that are only a few of the anime nods in Japan:

The fourth season of Attack On Titan's anime has given Captain Levi plenty to do, both on the battlefield and in the arena of politics, as the Eldian race attempts to figure out how to survive and stop the entirety of the world's armies from launching a full-scale assault on the island of Paradis. As the Survey Corps attempts to figure out the best route to take with Eren, it's clear that the power struggles are alive and well within Hajime Isayama's franchise.

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