Attack On Titan Season 4 Finale Title Surfaces Online

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season only has a handful of episodes left before it makes its [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth and final season only has a handful of episodes left before it makes its curtain call, and as fans of the manga know, there is plenty of material yet to cover for the final adventures of the Survey Corps, but apparently, the episode title for the final installment might have hit the net. With the Survey Corps still coming to grips following the attack on Marley orchestrated by Eren Jaeger, it's clear that Armin, Mikasa, and their friends have more to worry about than simply their external foes as Eren seemingly becomes more unhinged.

The manga for Attack On Titan has things in a very different place for the Survey Corps with heroes becoming villains and vice versa, with Hajime Isayama's printed edition only having two more chapters before the end of the popular series comes to a close. Though there haven't been any rumors about a sequel or new spin-off series following the conclusion of the war between the nation of Marley and the Children of Ymir, fans are definitely speculating heavily about how the dark franchise will come to a close as both the anime and the manga set up the swan song for Isayama's most popular franchise.

Twitter User Dac Subs shared what might be the final episode of the fourth season of Attack On Titan's anime, which might just be the first half of the finale, in "Heaven And Earth", hinting at the events that are about to take place for Eren Jaeger and his friends within the Survey Corps:

Attack On Titan's anime has introduced some big new concepts to the world of the Titans, with the Eldians attempting to figure out the best way to not only fight the world but also ensure that the people within the walls have a place within it. Attempting to use the power of "The Rumbling", which is the rows of Colossal Titans that are locked within the walls, their plan relies on the power of the Founding Titan and Zeke Jaeger, the Beast Titan, working alongside them to ensure the future of the Eldian people.

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