Attack On Titan Pokes at Levi with This Super Mario Crossover

Attack On Titan came to an end earlier this year with its manga, telling the final story of the [...]

Attack On Titan came to an end earlier this year with its manga, telling the final story of the Scout Regiment, and while the conclusion was as dark as the rest of the series created by Hajime Isayama, one fan has imagined a hilarious crossover wherein Captain Levi finds himself in the Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario lore. The anime series for the dark franchise is planning to wrap its story early next year but left Levi on a big cliffhanger as the Beast Titan Zeke was able to escape his clutches via an explosive result.

Super Mario has had a big debut on the Nintendo Switch, with Super Mario Odyssey seeing the high flying plumber being able to possess people using a magical hat, and also recently appearing in a remaster of Super Mario 3D World. Though a new entry in the Super Mario universe has yet to be revealed, many believe that the entry of Bowser's Fury is a look into the future of the Mushroom Kingdom. Needless to say, the whimsical video game franchise could not be more different than the story of the Scout Regiment in Attack On Titan, as the latter's mature themes have remained in the minds of many anime fans.

A Reddit User shared this crossover art by Haychel which sees Mikasa and Levi slapping on the outfits of both Mario and Luigi, attempting to save a hilariously dressed Levi as he is being kidnapped by the Female Titan, who turned out to be none other than Annie:

Hajime Isayama has been tight-lipped on the possibility of revisiting the world of Attack On Titan, though new pages that were added to the final chapter of the manga hint that the story itself might return at some point in the future. With Studio MAPPA handling the last half of the fourth season, on top of the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime adaptation, it's clear that the studio is going to have its hands full moving forward. While we doubt we'd ever see Levi actually enter into the Mushroom Kingdom, we definitely can see more video games that adapt the world of Attack On Titan.

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