Attack on Titan Creator Comments on Manga's Finale Next Month

In a matter of weeks, the end of Attack on Titan will have arrived. The manga has been going on for well over a decade now, but all things must come to an end. Creator Hajime Isayama confirmed his hit series will end in April 2021, and the author just commented on the finale less than a month from its release.

The update comes courtesy of Kodansha as the manga publisher released its latest chapter of Attack on Titan. It was there Isayama mentioned the series finale, and it seems the artist is in shock about the ending as well.

"Wow, the next chapter is really the last one, huh? It feels so strange when it's about to end," he shared.

Of course, that must be an understatement for Isayama. The artist has been working on Attack on Titan for a decade now. The story began so very differently years ago as fans watched Eren grow into a soldier following his mother's death. Now, the character is hardly recognizable in the manga, and that isn't necessarily for the best. Eren has gone through some serious trauma in the past few years, but fans are hardly convinced his way of coping is justified.

Eren and his turn into a villain will hopefully be addressed in the finale when it arrives. Attack on Titan is expected to end in the first week of April, so fans can go ahead and start their countdown. If you want to read up on the manga, Attack on Titan is published regularly on Comixology as well as Crunchyroll for premium subscribers.


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