Who Will Most Likely Die in Attack on Titan's Finale?

Attack on Titan is nearing its end very soon, so now the major question is who is going to die before it's all over? Not only is the fourth and final season of the series reaching its final few episodes, but Hajime Isayama's original manga series is now in the midst of its final two chapters ever. With the ending of the series so near, and with all of the chaos that has erupted over its final arc, there's no way it's going to have a happy ending. The series has killed off plenty of characters on the journey here, and it's highly unlikely that the series is done killing them off at this point.

After all, Attack on Titan is a violent series, and it has delighted in those ends for years. Fans have long joked Game of Thrones had nothing on Hajime Isayama as the artist would kill hundreds with little spectacle. Even the most important of heroes can die, and now, we think we've identified the most likely suspects who may die in the finale of Attack on Titan.

Attack On Titan Funeral
(Photo: MAPPA)

So you have been warned! There are going to be possible spoilers for Attack on Titan below, so please proceed with extreme caution.

Eren: At one point in time, fans would have never expected Eren to die in Attack on Titan, but the manga has almost made it inevitable with its final arc. The beloved hero has completely ruined his reputation with his friends and the world given his genocidal plan to save the Eldian race. After killing thousands if not millions, Eren has lost all chances of redemption following his fascist mission, so death is most certainly in the cards.

Levi: Levi is a favorite chapter with fans around the world, but humanity's great soldier has been through a lot. The loss of Hange and Erwin still weighs on the man to this day alongside his critical injuries. There is nothing more fitting than for Levi to die after the battle has been won, and it goes without saying he deserves the rest.

Jean: When it comes to Eren's friends, Jean has been steadfast if not somewhat antagonistic voice. The character has gone through a lot since he was introduced, and his progression in this final arc has turned Jean into a force of good. If he must die to save humanity, Jean will do so despite his hesitations, and fans will be left wounded for it.

Everyone: Of course, there is always the chance that Attack on Titan ends with the deaths of everyone fans have come to love. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin have all been wrapped up in a war whether or not they knew it. The Eldian curse and the outside world's intolerance could prompt a bleak ending with mass death, but fans would like to believe that at least one of our leads makes it out of the manga alive.


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