Attack on Titan Season 4 Finale Synopsis Revealed

It won't be long before Attack on Titan faces its next big hurdle, and it will come at the cost of season four. After a much-hyped run, the show will bring its current season to an end this month, and all eyes are on the anime in anticipation. After all, there is a lot of content left to adapt in the manga, and the synopsis for the season four finale hints there is more to come for fans.

The update comes from content creators like _Dominating on Twitter. Attack on Titan fans were recently given the official synopsis for season four's finale in Japan, and the blurb has been made over into English. So if you want to know what's coming next, you can find the synopsis below:

Attack on Titan
(Photo: MAPPA)

"The future they seek does not converge. They have no choice but to hold onto their feelings and clash. Now, it's time to clash once again, at the place where it all started," the blurb reads.

For anime-only fans, this description does not give away much of anything, but it does make some important points. The first is that a clash is coming in Attack on Titan, and we know who it will be between. Eren has made his side known against Paradis, but his friends aren't onboard. This means Armin and Mikasa will have to fight their friend, and the clash will prevent the trio from making the future they had hoped to find.

With one episode left this season, fans are curious what the next steps for Attack on Titan will be. The series has touted season four as its final outing, so a second half might be announced by the episode of this upcoming episode. If not, fans are thinking a movie might be in the works to finish the manga out, so here's to hoping all is well with the team at MAPPA Studios.


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