Attack on Titan Promo Sets Up Eren's Shocking Turn and War

Attack on Titan's next episode promo is setting up more of Eren Jeager's shocking turn and war! Attack on Titan's fourth and final season has now reached the final string of its already short episode order for the season, and the main conflict of this final arc is taking a concrete shape. After opening the season by shifting the perspective of the fight to those over in Marley, the second half of the season has not only focused on Paradis but has been slowly bringing about a third side to the conflict surprisingly led by Eren and Zeke.

With the previous episode of the series officially opening the floodgates for Eren and his followers essentially launching a coup, the newest episode of the series took this one step further as Eren confronted Mikasa and Armin and the other members of the Survey Corps as a seemingly final bid before his completely unleashing whatever plans he has in store. As for what this plan could be, the promo for Episode 73 teases some of what that could be. Check it out:

The recent string of episodes have seen Eren slowly grow more into his antagonist role that got teased with his first real introduction to the season with some major war crimes in Marley. As the season continued, Eren quickly began to take shape into this new role as more of a strange plan concocted by Yelena and a few other new recruits to the corps began to reveal itself. It came to a head with the previous episode as Eren escaped prison, and this new episode took it one step further as he's clearly had something planned with Zeke.

The newest episode has him confront Mikasa and Armin one more time, and while it's not clear just what he's after just yet, he's come in quite aggressively as he revealed that he has a bloody hand indicating that he's ready to transform into a Titan at any time regardless of whether or not this puts Armin and Mikasa in danger. What this means for Eren's future we'll see, and we'll see what this means for the final episodes of the season.


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