Attack On Titan Unveils New Figure of Eren and His Ripped Abs

Attack On Titan recently announced that the second half of its fourth and final season is set to [...]

Attack On Titan recently announced that the second half of its fourth and final season is set to land in January of next year, finally bringing to a close the adventures of the Scout Regiment in all its bloody glory, and even though Eren Jaeger has taken a much different path this time around, there are plenty of fans that are still rallying to his cause. Recently, the figure producers at Good Smile revealed a new look at an upcoming figure that recreates one of the pivotal moments for Jaeger during the final season of the anime series.

As fans watching the anime know, Studio MAPPA has been telling the story of the island of Paradis finally learning the secrets of the world outside of their borders, which throws in a major curveball for Eren as he creates a new faction within the war between the Eldians and the Marleyians. Creating an army known as the Jaegerists, Eren has teamed up with his brother Zeke in an attempt to sterilize the race of Eldians in order to eliminate the power of the Titans once and for all. With the finale of the first half of season four ending on quite the cliffhanger as Eren stares down the army of Marley, viewers are highly anticipating the arrival of the second half of the season.

Good Smile's Official Twitter Account shared a first look at the Eren Jaeger figure that will be made available via the company's Pop Up Parade line for around $35 USD, with pre-order currently available for a release at a later date as the final season of the anime by MAPPA approaches:

While the manga series for Attack On Titan ended earlier this year, creator Hajime Isayama returned to the last chapter with a director's cut that hinted that while the story of the Scout Regiment might be done, the Titans might arise in a future story that has yet to be told.

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