Attack on Titan: Eren Voice Actor Updates Fans on Season 4 Part 2 Return

The voice behind Eren Yeager has updated fans on the progress of Attack on Titan's anime as it [...]

The voice behind Eren Yeager has updated fans on the progress of Attack on Titan's anime as it readies for Season 4's return with Part 2 next year! When the first half of the fourth and final season came to an end earlier this year, fans were surprised to learn that not only was there a second part of the season planned but that it was scheduled to hit sometime in Winter 2022. Thanks to a new update during a special orchestra celebration for the franchise, Attack on Titan has confirmed Season 4 will be airing Part 2 beginning next January.

Fans had not been getting any significant updates about the production of the final season's next part since it was confirmed to be in the works earlier this year, but this confirmation came with a major tease from the voice behind Eren himself, Yuki Kaji, that updated fans on its production. According to the tease, dubbing and voice recording of the series has been "progressing quietly" as the star asked fans to await its 2022 return:

Not only that, but Kaji shared another message for the fourth season's return on the series' official website but was a little more in line with the intense character shift Eren had undergone in the first half of the final season, "If you don't fight, you can't win." Considering that the Survey Corps and Marley's forces were about to fight against Eren and his own rebellious forces at the midseason finale, there's certainly a lot of emotion (and teases) packed within this seemingly simple statement.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 will kick off with Episode 76 of the series, which will be titled "Judgment." There's no concrete return date set for the new episodes just yet, but the confirmation that it will be returning in January is certainly enough to get fans hyped to see how this series comes to an end in the anime. Series creator Hajime Isayama brought the manga to an end earlier this year, so there's a definitive roadmap for the series' climax.

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