Attack on Titans Fans Uncover Wild Detail About Eren's Titan Form

At this point, Attack on Titan fans might think they know everything there is to the series. Creator Hajime Isayama finished the story a couple of years back in print, and soon, the manga's tale will be wrapped by the anime. Earlier this year, Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 was released, and the comeback ushered in the start of the series finale. And thanks to a certain scene, Attack on Titan fans managed to piece together a detail about the Attack Titan they didn't see until now.

The update comes from Reddit as user Elfdemon1 pulled the evidence together. As you can see below, episode 88 of Attack on Titan features a close-up shot of a bird. The seagull is seen perched behind Armin and Annie as the gang sails the sea. In the shot, we can see the bird blinking with its third eyelid, and the motion was very familiar to some eagle-eyed fans.

Eren Jaeger's Attack Titan has nictitating membranes (second eyelids) like a bird from ShingekiNoKyojin

After all, Eren's Titan form has used this animation before. Even in the first few seasons of Attack on Titan, fans found footage of Eren blinking while in his Titan form. For some time, many thought the footage was of Eren's eyes glinting, but that is not the case after all. The Attack Titan also has a third eyelid like this seagull from season 4. And if that isn't poetic, what is?

After all, Attack on Titan has long used birds to symbolize freedom, and that is what Eren has dreamt about earning his whole life. By shifting into a Titan, he is brought one step closer to freedom by taking on this birdlike trait. Of course, the possession of a third eyelid (otherwise called a nictitating membrane) is common in predators. From birds to cats and polar bears, these third eyelids allow their owners to protect their eyes while maintaining their vision for hunting. As such, it makes sense that the Attack Titan would have such a trait, and all it took was a seagull to clue fans in on the fact.

Now, all eyes are looking ahead to Attack on Titan season 4. The anime will return with its very last episode later this year as Studio MAPPA announced the comeback weeks ago. The release will bring the Attack on Titan anime to an end after years on the air. And who knows? Maybe it will give us another look at Eren's Titan eyelids...?

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