Attack on Titan Pitches Eren as Its Final Villain With Series Finale

Attack on Titan season 4 has seen Eren Jaeger making some moves that are quite "eye-brow raising" when it comes to the Attack Titan's methods of bringing the anime franchise's massive war to an end. Following Eren's acquisition of the Founding Titan's powers, he unleashed the Titans residing in Paradis' walls with the army of Colossal Titans referred to as "The Rumbling". While the Scout Regiment is attempting to stop Jaeger from his current trajectory, Attack on Titan's final season has firmly placed Eren in the category of the "big bad".

Attack on Titan has been a series that focuses far more on "greys" in its world than "black and white" as even former villains like Reiner, Annie, and Bertoldt, aka the Armored Titan, Female Titan, and Colossal Titan respectively, were shown to be multi-faceted and performing actions, while heinous, they believe to be right. While Eren Jaeger is now doing the same, taking heinous actions in Attack on Titan Season 4 to finally bring about the end of the war, there has not been a more horrific scene in the anime adaptation to date, which is really saying something considering just how dark Hajime Isayama's story has been to this point.

(Photo: MAPPA)

Attack on Titan: Eren The Evil

It's tough to defend Eren at this point, even with his outcome hoping to be creating a world of peace for those who remain, as anime viewers witness Attack on Titan's final season rolling out scenes of death and destruction which include the trampling of children and the gnashing and wailing of teeth of innocent families in the face of a horrific demise. Isayama was able to accomplish something that few other anime franchises will attempt in transforming its protagonist from hero to villain, but what Hajime did so well was making it completely organic when it comes to Attack on Titan Season 4, as it is still possible to see where Eren's motivations for his horrific actions.

What doesn't help Eren's decision as well is the fact that the scenes of utter destruction are interwoven with Jaeger as a child, gleefully exclaiming that he has achieved freedom through genocide. While certainly Reiner, Annie, and Bertoldt committed heinous actions, they didn't eradicate a large percentage of the world's population in the process, with Attack on Titan Season 4 giving Eren a body count that easily makes him the biggest villain the series has sent to date.

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