Attack on Titan Follows Creator Hajime Isayama in New York: Watch

Attack on Titan only has one episode left before the end and the stakes have never been higher. With the first half of the series finale seeing the Scout Regiment facing down their former friend Eren Jaeger, most of humanity is now relying on Mikasa, Armin, and their allies to save them from the Rumbling. Creator Hajime Isayama hasn't been shy when it comes to talking about his controversial ending to the series, recently stating as much on a recent trip to New York City, and a new video has arrived to follow him at Anime NYC.

Attack on Titan Season 4 has flipped the script on who are the heroes and who are the villains in the dark anime franchise. Following Eren Jaeger's acquisition of the Founding Titan's powers, a new horrifying threat has ascended upon the world at large thanks to the Attack Titan's army of Colossals. As anime viewers witness in the recent bleak installment of the anime adaptation, Attack on Titan's final season didn't pull away from the horrific destruction of Marley and other nations, as countless behemoths stomped their way across the world to eliminate large swaths of the human population. 

Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama's US Adventure

In many ways, Attack on Titan fans almost saw Isayama's trip to North America as an "apology tour". Since the franchise's manga ended a few years ago, many readers felt that the series ended on quite a controversial note. In attending Anime NYC, it was clear that Hajime Isayama had taken these criticisms to heart and apologized, stating that the mangaka was still grappling with how he brought Attack on Titan to a close. 

Hajime Isayama has thrown a bucket of cold water on fans hoping for an Attack on Titan sequel, as the mangaka stated that he might return to create a new short story for Levi, but has no plans on returning to the dark anime world otherwise. In fact, Isayama is planning to completely leave the world of anime and manga behind if his dream comes true as he is hoping to open a sauna in the future. Should Isayama's sauna come to fruition, we have to wonder if it will be based on the world of Marley and Paradis. 

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