Attack on Titan Fans Rank Their Top Characters in Light of Season 4

Attack on Titan is pushing forward with its fourth season, and that means things are moving towards a climax. This season is set to be the final one for Eren and his friends, so you know how much is at stake. With a new war brewing, there are more people looking to Attack on Titan than ever before, and a new ranking has gone live for the most popular characters in the series.

The new list comes courtesy of the Attack on Titan wiki. The team at Fandom released the wiki's most popular character pages since the start of season four. As you can guess, some of the most popular pages fall to characters who debuted this season, but the top taker will be a surprise to most fans.

As you can see above, the number one spot went to the Nine Titans with 2.04 million views. This means the special titans as a whole have sparked the curiosity of fans. When it comes to the most-searched character, Eren takes the lead with second place at 1.90 million views.

The rest of the list falls to specific Attack on Titan characters. Levi hit up third place with 954,000 pings while Zeke took fourth place. The rest of the top ten went to the Founding Titan, Falco Grice, Pieck, the War Hamme Titan, Ymir Fritz, and Mikasa Ackerman. Sadly, Armin did not make this cut, but you can bet fans are still obsessed with the blonde soldier.

These analytics are current as of February 1, and fans are sure another character may have joined this list since then. If you are caught up with season four, then you will get why Sasha has likely shot up in search. The heroine had a major role in the anime's most recent episode, and her shocking fate took the Attack on Titan fandom at large by surprise by the end.


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