Attack on Titan Reveals Zeke's Shocking Alliance in Season 4

Attack on Titan has put fans through the wringer this week, and it will not give out mercy anytime soon. The anime's fourth and final season has a lot to do before it can close as you might expect. There are a lot of unanswered questions to address, and thanks to the show's latest episode, fans are left questioning which side Zeke is on.

If you are all caught up with the anime, then you will know what's going on. The episode "Assassin's Bullet" took fans by surprise when it ended in Sasha's death, but that was just one of several big moments. Another came when Attack on Titan fans learned Zeke had aligned himself with Paradis, and no one was more surprised than Gabi.

zeke attack on titan
(Photo: MAPPA)

The revelation came shortly after Gabi and Falco snuck onto the airship carrying out heroes. While Sasha bled out from her wound, the two warriors were taken to Levi as he interrogated Eren. It was there the kids found Zeke who was definitely alive, and it didn't take long before he outed himself as a traitor.

According to Zeke, he has been working with Eren for awhile now. The pair united on Marley after Eren began his undercover operation. The older soldier then helped the ambush back in Marley by causing excess damage with his Titan transformation. Levi battled Zeke as a show, and the Beast Titan's defeat was faked all so the man could escape with the Survey Corps. As you can imagine, Gabi and Falco were stunned by their mentor's turn, and Levi isn't sure he buys the whole schtick. But in the face of mounting war, the soldiers will have to come to a truce or risk their downfall from in-fighting.


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