Attack on Titan Just Launched Mikasa's Best Battle Yet: Watch

Attack on Titan is working through season four right now, and as the winter cour closes, all eyes are on Mikasa. The soldier has become Eren's greatest enemy despite their years of history with one another. In fact, Attack on Titan just showed how far Mikasa will go stop his best friend from destroying the world, and that is why the anime's best original battle just went live.

After all, MAPPA is at the reigns this season, and Attack on Titan fans will never say no to more Mikasa. The soldier was given an original scene in this week's episode and it revealed the woman is strong enough to oversee a one-man massacre.

The scene, as you can see above, is brutal to say the very least. MAPPA showcases all of Mikasa's talent here as she lunges and hits her targets with deadly accuracy. Of course, it is good to see the heroine show off her true potential, but Mikasa's latest outing is underscored by something more sinister this time around.

After all, Mikasa is used to fighting Titans, and it is easier to swallow those beasts being slain than watching her kill fellow humans. Her new targets make this massacre more intimate somehow. She is seen beheading soldiers who she once worked with while in the Survey Corps. And despite being a human, Mikasa is just as savage as the Female Titan or Armored Titan.

Now, fans are eager to see how Mikasa wraps up season four, and this violent shift promises more battles are to come. And as Eren leads his army of Colossal Titans to Marley, you can bet this war's body count is going to rack up beyond all expectations.

What do you think about Mikasa's latest spree in season four? Are you loving Attack on Titan's final outing so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.