Attack On Titan Season 4 Unveils First Look At New Colossal Titan

The newest trailer for the final season of Attack On Titan's anime gave fans a look at a number of new elements that will be entering the final phase of the franchise, and if you were able to not blink, you would have gotten a peek at the brand new Colossal Titan who will be making his presence known within the upcoming story line! With the finale of the third season giving us a brand new Titan following the fight between the Survey Corps and the Marleyian Titans, this first look is definitely worth examining!

Warning! If you haven't caught up to Attack On Titan and finished the third season of the anime, we're going to go into spoiler territory for the identity of the new Colossal Titan!

The Colossal Titan switched hands from Bertholdt to Armin at the end of the third season of Attack On Titan, following a devastating battle that destroyed the majority of the Survey Corps. With Armin being gravely wounded with his skin nearly being burnt off while he attempted to take down Bertholdt, the Survey Corps had to make a terrible decision as to whether they wanted to give Armin or Erwin the life saving Titan power. Unfortunately for Erwin, the decision was made to give the power to Armin, who would become the new Colossal Titan and effectively become the new leader of the Survey Corps, as sparse as it was.

Attack On Titan Colossal Titan
(Photo: Studio MAPPA )

Armin's new role as the Colossal Titan gives the Eldians a huge leg up when it comes to the upcoming war between themselves and the nation of Marley, as the biggest Titan around clearly has a weight advantage over every other Titan out there. With Armin and the rest of the Survey Corps finally discovering the secret history of the world, a new phase of the fight has now begun as our heroes are for the first time ever bringing the fight directly to the nation of Marley.


The down side of becoming a Titan, as Armin and Eren discover via his father's diary, is that your lifespan is made significantly less, with the pair of friends now only having a few years left to live. Though their life spans are now shortened, it was definitely a price they were willing to pay to bring the war to Marley.

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