Attack On Titan Reveals the Secret Rulers of Marley

Attack On Titan's fourth season has revealed a number of big revelations when it comes to the [...]

Attack On Titan's fourth season has revealed a number of big revelations when it comes to the world outside of the walls that have kept Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps busy throughout the dark anime franchise, but the latest episode has turned a new page by revealing that the disturbing country is led by a secret family. The Tybur Family not only holds the largest amount of power and wealth within Marley, but they also hold the power of the War Hammer Titan that is held secretly by one of the members of the prestigious clan.

The Tybur Family, which has the prominent member of Willy leading the charge, has gained so much recognition thanks in part to their ancestor being the first to turn against the Eldians that were ruling the world with the power of the Titans. Loved by not only Marley, but the world at large, the Tyburs now live in luxury but are also secretly pulling the strings for their country with the military directly asking for their orders and advice. With the military commander Magath directly consulting with Willy, the Tybur head begins to describe a big event that he is hoping will unite the world following years of war between Marley and other enemies.

Attack On Titan Season Four Family Tyburn
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With the Marley family setting up a big event welcoming several ambassadors from countries that they once saw as enemies, the environment was definitely not comfortable considering the history between all the parties involved. With the first episode of the fourth season, we witnessed Marley using their Eldian soldiers, and the power of the Nine Titans, to dominate another country but proving that their power was waning as more countries were finding new ways to bypass the power of the Titans.

We have yet to have the identity of the War Hammer Titan revealed, but the trailers for the fourth season have already given us an idea of just how powerful this yet unseen behemoth is. As the latest episode ended with Eren revealing himself to Reiner, it's clear that the Survey Corps is about to make a big splash in the nation of Marley and the world of Attack On Titan will be changed forever!

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