Attack On Titan Officially Crosses Over With Seven Deadly Sins

Attack On Titan is marching toward its fourth and final season of its anime, and to get in on the [...]

Attack On Titan is marching toward its fourth and final season of its anime, and to get in on the hype of the finale, it seems as if Eren Jaeger and his Titan form will be making an appearance in the Seven Deadly Sins via the latter's mobile game. Anime mobile games allow fans to venture into the universes of some of their favorite anime universes, with series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece finding great success via this platform and it seems as if the medium is giving us a crossover that we might not have seen take place any other way!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross of Light and Darkness is a mobile role playing game that allows fans to step into the world of the popular Netflix franchise, collecting characters from the franchise and adding them to players' rosters. With this upcoming crossover that takes place later this month, the protagonists of the anime find themselves taking a page from the book of the Survey Corps, battling against Titans themselves and finding themselves teaming up with the like of Eren Jaeger, Levi, and several other members of Attack On Titan!

Attack On Titan Seven Deadly Sins
(Photo: Wit Studio & A-1 Pictures)

Attack On Titan is close to reaching the finale of the story of the Survey Corps, with the trailer for the fourth and final season giving us a look into the adventures that will bring a close to the dark adventures of Eren Jaeger and company. With the final season under the guidance of Studio MAPPA, taking the reins from the previous animation house of Wit Studio, fans' were set at ease when they watched the first trailer for the upcoming season of the anime. The manga itself is only a few chapters away from its finale, and the new Survey Corps is struggling with the difficult decision that each of them has to make!

Seven Deadly Sins' latest season on Netflix has unfortunately received some flack thanks in part to the quality of animation that fans feel simply wasn't able to reach the high standard that was set by previous seasons. While a new season of the franchise has yet to be confirmed, at least fans can revisit the universe via this mobile game, with a stunning Attack On Titan crossover to boot.

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