Attack on Titan Report Teases Anime's New Studio

Attack on Titan has kept fans in the dark about its fourth season for some time, but a new report seems to know a thing or two about the finale. After all, it has been rumored for some time that this fourth season will be overseen by a company that is not WIT Studios, and evidence is racking up. And if you were to ask Yonkou Productions, the content creator would tell you an IG Port company will take care of Attack on Titan.

The news went live when Yonkou Productions went on an answering spree with his Twitter followers. It was there the industry insider said Attack on Titan will get a new production company for season four, but it will all stay in the same family. After all, WIT Studio is part of IG Port, but the question remains which studio may inherit the franchise.

For those who do not know, IG Port was created back in 2007 during the merger between Production I.G and Mag Garden. The merger has accumulated a slew of subsidiaries from Signal.MD to Wit Studio and Production I.G, of course. This means there are a few studios which Attack on Titan could move to, but fans think they know the most likely suspect who'll take over the hit series.

Production I.G would be an excellent candidate to oversee Attack on Titan as the production company is bigger than WIT Studio. This means the hit series could enjoy a larger budget for its final season, but that is not all. By staying within the IG Port family, it is likely that staffers who've worked on Attack on Titan since day one can continue. With a larger staff at hand and more resources, fans are hoping Production I.G does take in Attack on Titan before it ends, so we can only hope this growing report holds true.

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