Attack on Titan Reveals a Major New Power Shared by Titan Hosts

Attack on Titan is nearing the end of season 3, and it is not going out without dropping even more [...]

Attack on Titan is nearing the end of season 3, and it is not going out without dropping even more head-spinning secrets that are changing the entire nature of Attack on Titan as we know it! The latest episode "Attack Titan" was minute-to-minute reveals, and a final scene during the end credits may have dropped the most crucial revelation of all!

That big revelation has to do with a major Titan power that we haven't seen before - a connection between special Titan hosts that seems greater than the span of time, connecting past and future! WARNING: Spoilers if you're not caught up on Attack on Titan season 3!

Episode 58 tells a two-pronged story: On the one hand, we see Eren Yeager and Mikasa waiting out the period of punishment for their insubordination during the Wall Maria reclamation; while Eren reflects upon the past of Grisha Yeager, we also get to see the story of how Grisha survived the demise of the Eldia Restorationists, and was tasked by The Owl (aka Marley security agent Eren Kruger) for a crucial misson: infiltrate Paradis Island, and steal the Coordinate Titan (master of all Titans) from the Eldian king.

These two storylines represent the connection between special Titan users, via the convergence point that is the Coordinate Titan. Eren Yeager is linked to Grisha's past and memories - and subsequently to Eren Kruger's memories, as Kruger first passed the Attack Titan on to Grisha, who would later pass both the Attack and Founding Titans onto Eren. However, what's truly revelatory about this process, is that the shared memories of special Titan users don't just flow one way (past to future), but rather is a two-lane road, allowing past hosts of Specialty Titans to see the memories of Future hosts!

The final scene of "Attack Titan" takes us to the crucial moment just before Grisha Yeager was given the Titan injection serum by Kruger. Kruger's final instruction to Grisha is that he needs to build a family when he infiltrates the Walls - specifically, that he needs to "love someone inside the Walls." If he doesn't find that love, and build a family that bridges both cultures (inside and outside the Walls), then the cycle of tragedy, "it'll only repeat. The same history... The same mistakes... Over and over..."

However, Kruger's speech turns very strange in its final moments, as his mind seems to drift off while he starts saying things he can't possibly know, such as: "To save Mikasa, Armin, and everyone else, you must see it through."

When Grisha, visibly confused, asks who these people he's mentioning are, Kruger is at a loss to explain: "Who knows? I'm not sure... Whose memories are those?"

This small moment now has huge implications for what the power of the specialty Titans is truly about. Fans of the Attack on Titan anime have already been speculating about what new abilities a Special Titan host could learn from memories of past users - but if past users could see the memories of future hosts, it opens a whole new door to how fate and causality may not be as random as we think. Could a past Titan hosts be playing a chess game based on the future he/she saw?

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