Avatar The Last Airbender Fan-Film Imagines Zuko and Azula's Agni Kai in Real Life

Avatar The Last Airbender has made a big splash since debuting recently on the streaming service [...]

Avatar The Last Airbender has made a big splash since debuting recently on the streaming service of Netflix, becoming one of the platform's highest ranking television shows, animated or otherwise, and a group of fans have re-created one of the most intense battles of the series in Zuko and his sister Azula having at it. Throughout the Nickelodeon series, there were perhaps no more complicated characters than the prince and princess of the Fire Nation, and when they tested their strength against one another, their battle was both a physical and emotional one!

Prince Zuko walked a tough road throughout the series of Avatar The Last Airbender, starting off as a straight up villain who was attempting to gain entry back into the Fire Nation by capturing the latest incarnation of the Avatar, Aang. Through each episode, Zuko struggled with the task that he was dead set on completing from the start, with his Uncle Iroh helping him to see a new path he could walk. Unfortunately for the prince, his sister was not able to be swayed from her life of devotion to the Fire Nation and her father, reveling in her evil ways and being one of the most powerful fire benders in the world.

RE:Anime, the group responsible for this fan film of Avatar The Last Airbender, do a fantastic job of recreating the epic final battle between Zuko and his sister Azula, with the prince of the Fire Nation gaining a big advantage thanks to an assist with the water bender Katara!

Avatar The Last Airbender fans won't have to wait too long before we see an official live action adaptation come to the airwaves, as the creators behind the original animated show are working on a new series for Netflix. While there hasn't been an official release date for the upcoming new series, fans are especially excited to see a new take following the arrival of the original on the streaming service!

Azula and Zuko alike were both tragic characters, with the former seemingly being lost in her evil pursuits and the prince working toward discovering a new way of life after coming to grips with the fact that his country was moving in the wrong direction!

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