Baki Hanma Reveals New Opening For Father/Son War

Baki Hanma is prepping for the Father Son War featuring the titular character and his father, Yujiro Hanma.

Baki Hanma's first half of the anime's second season is now available to watch on Netflix. Bringing to life the caveman known as Pickle to fight against the titular character and his allies in some of the strangest, most gruesome fights of the series to date, the anime adaptation is preparing to give fans what might be the biggest brawl yet. Baki will take on his father, the "Ogre" Yujiro Hanma, with the "Father-Son War" later this month and has shared the new opening for the anime's comeback.

For the entirety of Baki's anime career, there has been no opponent that has been able to stand up to his father. While the first seasons of the Baki The Grappler anime aren't available to watch on Netflix, they featured a young Baki Hanma taking on his father in one of the worst beatdowns of the series to date. While Baki has always harbored some amazing strength, he was utterly destroyed by Yujiro who even went so far as to kill the mother of his offspring. In recent episodes, Baki was able to take down the prehistoric threat known as Pickle, setting the stage for the Father-Son conflict.

Baki Hanma: A War of Attrition

The second half of Baki Hanma Season 2 is getting an opening from the musical act known as SKY-HI. Performing the theme "Sarracenia" for upcoming episodes, SKY-Hi is preparing anime fans with some glimpses at the blows being swapped between father and son in this next arc. Yujiro has been a monster throughout Baki The Grappler but if there's one fighter who will be able to defeat the Ogre, it is his son.

Baki Hanma's "Father-Son War" will arrive on August 24th. At present, TMS Entertainment, the studio responsible for the hard-hitting anime adaptation, hasn't confirmed if there will be a third season of Baki Hanma, though there are plenty of manga arcs left to adapt. Baki The Grappler's creator Keisuke Itagaki has been working on the manga for decades and is showing no signs of ending the series any time soon.

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