Beastars Meets Shrek With This Puss in Boots Crossover

The creator of Beastars, Paru Itagaki, was a big fan of Puss in Boots and created some crossover fan art of her own.

Beastars is aiming to bring its anime adaptation to a close next year on Netflix, ending the world of Legosi and a society that functions on an anthropomorphic "predator vs. prey" mentality. With the manga having already wrapped, there are some big moments that remain for the small screen's future. Paru Itagaki, the creator of the anime franchise, shared art that proves that she is not only a big fan of the recent Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, but the memorable antagonist that plagues the swashbuckling tabby. 

Paru Itagaki isn't the only manga artist in her family, as her father is none other than the legendary mangaka Keisuke Itagaki. As a refresher, Keisuke is the artist responsible for the creation of Baki The Grappler, which he is continuing to weave stories for to this very day. Ironically enough, both anime adaptations for Baki and Beastars arrived on Netflix, though Baki Hanma hasn't confirmed that an ending is in sight for the fighting anime series. Despite the family connection, it seems unlikely that we'll see Legosi and the Son of the Ogre sharing screen time any time soon considering just how different their worlds are.

Legosi The Wolf

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish's main villain is The Wolf, who is in actuality a physical representation of Death. Voiced by Wagner Moura of Narcos and The Grey Man fame, the villain has become a fan-favorite not just in the Dreamworks film, but in the animation medium. Paru Itagaki, who was a fan of the latest installment for the swashbuckling feline, shared new crossover art imagining her main character Legosi putting on the Grim Reaper's fit.

Following the success of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, the film series has yet to confirm if a new movie focusing on these characters is in the works. With the post-credit scene in the recent animated film hinting that Puss In Boots is returning to Shrek's homeland, Dreamworks might be setting the stage for a new movie focusing on the Green Ogre. While we might not see Wolf return in the future, the villain has left an impression on the realm of animation. 

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