Beavis And Butthead Reboot Confirms Season 2

Beavis And Butthead first began in 1993 and the two metal-loving imbeciles simply refuse to die. Following the first episodes of their new animated season on Paramount+, the two raunchy cartoon characters have been confirmed to return for a second season of their latest series. While many animation fans might have expected the "dynamic duo" to make a comeback on Paramount's streaming service, you might be surprised at just how soon the second season will be premiering on Paramount+.

Beavis And Butthead have come a long way since their early days on MTV, first debuting not in their own series but as a part of the animated anthology known as Liquid Television. Creator Mike Judge would later go on to create Fox's King of the Hill, which will also be receiving a reboot albeit via Hulu, but the allure of these two nitwits is seemingly too hard to stay away from. On top of their television appearances, the MTV residents also had two feature-length films with Beavis and Butthead Do America and Beavis And Butthead Do The Universe. With the latest reboot of Beavis And Butthead episodes, the pair won't just mock music videos, but also lampoon Youtube videos and other light-hearted fare.

Beavis And Butthead Return 

The second season of the new Beavis And Butthead series will debut on Paramount+ on April 20th, with two new episodes landing next month to bring back the pair that might be the most popular fictional characters to emerge from the MTV library. Paramount also released a new trailer to give fans a brief look at the duo's return, as the studio's streaming service gave them the perfect platform to make a comeback. While the series hasn't confirmed how many episodes will make up season two, we're sure fans are just happy to see their return. 

Beavis And Butthead Do The Universe didn't hit theaters like its predecessor, Beavis And Butthead Do America, but the latest film certainly tackled a grander scale as the two cartoon characters found themselves traveling through time, back from the 90s to our modern society

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