Berserk Creator's Death Prompts Revival of Their Previous Manga

Earlier this year, fans of Berserk were left stunned when news of Kentaro Miura's death surfaced. The artist passed away just months ago, and the wound still feels free for many. In that time, fans have wondered how Berserk will fare in the future, and others have flocked to Miura's works to experience his art once more. And now, it seems one of his best works is getting a revival in honor of Miura's passing.

The report comes from fan pages like MangaMoguraRE. It was there fans learned a revival serialization is being planned for King of Wolves. The title was made by Miura years ago alongside Buronson, and Young Animal will publish the manga once more starting this month.

If you are not familiar with this manga, King of Wolves was released back in 1989 and ran for a single volume. The limited series was revived in 1990 for a sequel, and Dark Horse Comics licensed the tale in 2005 for readers stateside. The manga was written by Buronson while Miura handled the artwork, and the pair created an appetizing historical adventure that few know of today.

The story is set in the 1990s when a man named Iba vanished while traveling through China. His girlfriend disappears shortly after, and it is revealed that the pair have traveled back in time to Mongolia circa 1212. Iba must find a way for the two to get home, but things get complicated when Genghis Khan and a legendary samurai get in their way. So if you have yet to check out this manga, you can find it through Dark Horse now for all your binging needs. 

As for Berserk itself, the manga comes to an end this week as Miura's final chapter is slated to post posthumously. The finale was done with the artist and his editors together, so fans are expecting the ending to give them chills. At this point, Young Animal has not confirmed whether Berserk will live on through the editors alone, but when it comes to Miura's work, it all ends this week. 


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