Black Clover Gives Asta a Major Devil Power Upgrade

Black Clover has given Asta a major devil power upgrade with the newest episode of the series! [...]

Black Clover has given Asta a major devil power upgrade with the newest episode of the series! Black Clover's newest episode continues its final string of new releases as the countdown continues until the end of the month, and the Spade Kingdom saga is heating up with the fight between Asta, Yami and Dante of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. The previous episode of the series ended with the major cliffhanger that saw Yami fail to keep up with the Dark Triad member, and had him realize that he couldn't defeat such a powerful opponent on his own.

After calling out to Asta in order to get help in such a massive fight, Asta and Yami officially began their fight together against Dante in Episode 167 of the series. But through the fight Asta realized he was struggling to keep with Yami's speed and power. Not wanting to hold his captain back when he was needed the most, Asta reached through to his devil and formed and agreement that gave his devil arm a huge upgrade.

Previously teased through the opening sequence of the series, this new upgrade came about following Asta's first real conversation with the devil in his grimmoire. While he had managed to make contact with his devil in the series before, this was the first time they had a full conversation. With this agreement, Asta had sacrificed a part of his body in order to imbue it with more of his devil's power.

His Devil didn't quite say how this new upgrade would be changing Asta's body, but it's clear that Asta has now lost access to his arm. This gave him a boost of 50 seconds worth of power, but it made a huge difference as anti-magic began to spill out of his body during the fight and it made the difference in the long run as Asta was able to help Yami to deal the final blow needed to Yami following the fight.

But what do you think of Asta's new devil upgrade in the newest episode of the series? Are you excited to see what kind of power he'd have following this fight? What do you think are the greater ramifications of such a deal with the devil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!