Black Clover Opening Shares First Look at Asta's Next Upgrade

Black Clover's newest opening shared the first look at Asta's next Devil upgrade! The anime's [...]

Black Clover's newest opening shared the first look at Asta's next Devil upgrade! The anime's first new episode of the year officially brought the adaptation into the long awaited Spade Kingdom arc of Yuki Tabata's original series. With the start of this new arc comes a whole crop of new looks for Asta and the other Clover Kingdom knights that had been training in the Heart Kingdom for the coming battle against the Spade Kingdom. All of this new material also came with a new set of opening and ending themes for the anime to kick off the year.

Like some of the more momentous opening theme sequences we have gotten in the past, the thirteenth opening theme for the anime has some major teases for what's to come in the next wave of episodes. Some of these teases are more shrouded in mystery than others, but one major one shares the first look at Asta's coming Devil arm upgrade as the new theme comes to an end.

Black Clover Opening 13 Asta Devil Arm Upgrade
(Photo: Pierrot)

Black Clover Episode 158 debuted the new opening and ending theme along with the first battles of the Spade Kingdom arc, and through these first battles we got a tease as to how much stronger Asta had become in the six month time skipped over between Episodes 157 and 158. Asta seemed to have a much easier time controlling his devil abilities, and a much easier time wielding his anti-magic in battle.

Together with his new improvements came some major physical improvements as well as Asta's body has become far more muscular than we had seen him in the previous episode. This has made his body more accepting of the devil's power than ever before, and that's hinted at with this upgrade to his current anti-magic devil arm seen in the opening. As it begins to expand and crack, it's another way this new opening teases how much more intense the fights will be getting for Asta and the others from now on.

What did you think of Black Clover's newest opening and ending themes? Where do they rank among your favorites in the anime overall? What other teases in the opening are you excited to see play out in the coming episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!