Black Clover Goes Full Naruto with Asta's Devil in Newest Episode

Black Clover went full Naruto with Asta and his devil in the newest episode of the series! Black [...]

Black Clover went full Naruto with Asta and his devil in the newest episode of the series! Black Clover's newest episode of the series continues the fight against Dante of the Spade Kingdom, and just like the previous fights of the saga, this has tested Asta and his fellow knights more than any of their fights in the series before. This is especially true for Yami, who had been struggling to deal any kind of damage on Dante's ever healing body due to his devil's power. Yami even called out for Asta to help in recognition of how much Asta had grown.

With Asta struggling to keep up with Yami and still deal some damage to Dante, he grew even more desperate to boost his power even more so. Thus he dug down deep and finally had a conversation with the devil inside of his grimmoire. As fans of Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto franchise are fully aware of at this point, Asta and this inner conversation with a beast's power residing inside of him looked a lot like Naruto Uzumaki's various conversations with his inner beast, Kurama.

This wasn't the only similarity to Naruto and his conversations with Kurama, however, as the devil in Asta's grimmoire had recognized how much Asta's body has grown over the course of their time together. Thus his devil offers a deal in which Asta can access more of the devil's power, but this would be at the cost of more of his physical body. Asta, realizing how different his devil seems this time around, seems to want a different partnership going forward.

But this is already put to the test toward the end of the episode as Asta tries to get more power, but is denied when his devil calls him too weak to gain even more of his strength. It's the kind of partnership that will be tested more going forward as well as even this boost was not enough to completely defeat Dante at the end of the day.

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