Black Clover Finale Fully Introduces Asta's Mom

Black Clover has fully introduced Asta's mother to the anime with its final episode! After nearly [...]

Black Clover has fully introduced Asta's mother to the anime with its final episode! After nearly four strong years of running weekly, the anime adaptation has officially come to an end with Episode 170. While there are some big teases for the future of the franchise (which could come to fruition with its new feature film confirmed to be in the works), the episode also made sure to answer one final burning question fans have had about Asta's origins. The Spade Kingdom arc previously revealed Yuno's parents, but the final episode finally closed this loop with a full look at Asta's mother.

With the penultimate episode of the series ending with the tease that the devil in Asta's grimmoire had ties to Asta's mother, the final episode of the anime confirms this was indeed to be the case. It's revealed through a flashback that she not only stumbled on the devil when he had been thrown into the human world, but went on to adopt him and raise him as her own son (as she still feels the sting of having to leave her own). She even gave the devil his name, Liebe:

Asta's mother, named Licita, was revealed to be a bright and positive person much like Asta is in the present of the series. When Liebe ends up in the human world, she saves him and gets him back to full health. Giving Liebe his name, she then lives with him and treats him as if he were her son. She reveals that her ability to suck out the life and magic of everything around her made her a pariah as well (and explains why she left Asta at the Hage Village orphanage), so living with a devil was not a problem.

It's even revealed that she found the five leaf grimmoire that Asta eventually owns. Through some tragic means, she ends up sacrificing her life to save Liebe and seals him within the grimmoire. As Liebe remarks, it seems like it's truly destiny that this devil and grimmoire that were so connected with Licita would end up with her son someday. The final episode of the series chose to focus on this important piece of Asta and Liebe's connected past, and opens up some big questions for its future.

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