Black Clover Cliffhanger Shares First Look at Asta's Mom

Black Clover shared the first real look at Asta's mother with the cliffhanger from its newest [...]

Black Clover shared the first real look at Asta's mother with the cliffhanger from its newest episode! Black Clover's anime will be officially coming to an end with the next episode of the series, and the penultimate episode set the stage for this big finale with some major teases for what's to come next for the series. As Asta has begun his training with Nacht, he has officially come face to face with the devil in his grimmoire as part of the Devil-Binding Ritual needed to better use his devil's power in future fights.

While this was a huge enough deal on its own, it seems the anime is getting ready to go out on one of its biggest reveals yet as the cliffhanger for the penultimate episode gives us our first real look at Asta's mother in the anime. Although she has yet to be officially named or designated as so in the anime, this is a pretty big moment fans of Yuki Tabata's original manga series have wanted to see come to the anime ever since the Spade Kingdom arc was confirmed.

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Episode 169 of the series begins the fight between Asta and his Devil as part of the Devil-Binding Ritual, and this means he must fight and defeat the devil in his grimmoire in order to get that power under his control. But while his devil is acting as foul as one would expect (and even says that every single devil is a "piece of shit"), Asta is not letting this get him down or change his overall feelings toward his devil.

When Asta says that just because his devil is a devil, that doesn't mean he's inherently bad, this takes his devil by surprise. He begins to see a silhouette of a mysterious woman who looks just like Asta with the same color hair and eyes. Even going as far as having the same personality, the final moments of the episode sees this woman tell the devil he's not a bad guy either.

The final episode of the series will be digging into this connection between Asta's mother and devil in full, so it won't be long before we find out more about these final crucial additions to the series! What do you think? Excited to see Black Clover's anime end with a full reveal of Asta's mother? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!