Black Clover: Secre Cosplay Really Seals the Deal

One Black Clover cosplay really sealed the deal with Secre Swallowtail! One of the biggest [...]

One Black Clover cosplay really sealed the deal with Secre Swallowtail! One of the biggest mysteries through the first half of Black Clover was whether or not there was something going on with the anti-magic bird, Nero. Nero's original attachment to Asta didn't really set off any major alarms, but things started to get more curious when it was later revealed that Nero was able to spot and collect the magic stones the Black Bulls had been hunting for. It was soon revealed that this mystery ended up really being one of the most important for the series overall.

This mystery was eventually solved during the Reincarnation arc as it was revealed that Nero was actually a girl named Secre Swallowtail who once worked closely with the first Wizard King. After that reveal, Secre has since become one of the key members of the Black Bulls and fans have loved seeing how much closer she's gotten to the group as a result. Now Secre's true form has gotten even more love through some awesome cosplay from artist @cosplaykatx on Instagram! Check it out below:

Black Clover's series has since gone far beyond the events of the Reincarnation arc as Secre and the other members of the Black Bulls started to contend with even greater threats from the Spade Kingdom and the devils of the underworld. Secre's sealing magic is even more important these days as she and a few other members have been training in the Heart Kingdom, and soon we'll see whether or not this training fully pays off.

The anime unfortunately ended its run earlier this Spring, but Yuki Tabata's original manga series continues with brand new chapters released on a weekly basis. You can keep up with the series' newest three chapters completely for free through Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library (and access to older chapters with a subscription). The anime franchise is set to continue as well as Black Clover announced a new feature film is coming our way.

Though not many details have been revealed about this film, nor has a release date been made known just yet, but at least the anime is continuing in some form and fashion! But what do you think? Where does Secre rank among your favorite characters in Black Clover overall? What are you hoping to see from her next? Let us know all of your thoughts on Secre and everything Black Clover in the comments!