Black Clover Reveals Lucius' Endgame Plan

Black Clover's final arc is now in full swing, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed Lucius Zogratis' grand plan for the final endgame! The final arc of Yuki Tabata's original manga series has kicked off and it has been a significant amount of time since the fight with Lucifero. Asta and the Magic Knights are still very much on the path to recovery for the Clover Kingdom overall, but the final chapter leading to all of this revealed that the missing member of the Zogratis family had been hiding in the Clover Kingdom all along. Now he's making his move in full. 

With Lucius Zogratis finally making his move after waiting for just the right time, the previous chapter of the series saw him approaching Asta in an ominous manner. The newest chapter of the series continues this confrontation, and it's here that Lucius reveals his plan for everything. The reason he is doing all of this in the first place is to completely annihilate the world and remake it in the way he and the Zogratis family desires. And Asta is in the way of those plans. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 333 of Black Clover explains that Lucius Zogratis ultimately wants his twisted version of peace. Born with two souls in a single body, it explained why he was able to hide out as Julius Novachrono for so long without being detected. Lucius' desire for a purpose and bonding with the Devil of Time, Astaroth, led him to the conclusion that he needs to create a peace without "sadness or hatred, war or discrimination." To do so he and his siblings (which raises further questions about their fates) want to "repair" humans by destroying and remaking them with their power. 

He wants to create a world without mistakes, and one that he and the Zogratis family will have complete control over. But the one wrench in all of his plans is the fact that Asta has his anti-magic powers. Though it allowed him to absorb Lucifero, Asta's power is something that he can't control and thus wants to eliminate entirely. This kicks off a fight between he and Asta leading into the next chapter, and the final arc of the series has kicked into high gear

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