Black Clover Reveals Megicula's True Goal

Black Clover revealed what Megicula's true goal has been all along with the newest chapter of the [...]

Black Clover revealed what Megicula's true goal has been all along with the newest chapter of the series! Although the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom had been acting like they were at the top of the food chain due to their contracts with the high powered devils, the cracks in this facade began to show the more we got to see the actual highest ranking devils of the underworld and learned how they really viewed their human hosts. They only viewed the humans as tools for their eventual breakthrough to the human world, and this was especially true for Megicula.

The previous chapter of the series saw Megicula finally make a real move after Noelle Silva had successfully defeated Vanica Zogratis in their rematch. Unleashing her true form, the devil then admitted that her full reveal is still incomplete as she's currently attached to Vanica's body. With the newest chapter of the series, Megicula explained that her true goal all along was to fully flesh out her body in this way through a ritual called Malevolent Femcantation.

Black Clover Megicula True Goal Malevolent Femcantation Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 298 of the series opens with Noelle asking how Megicula was able to come to the human world with only one of the gates of the underworld now open, and Megicula explained that the Advent of Qliphoth was only really an insurance plan as her real ritual has been in the works for a long time already. One aspect of her curse-warding magic is called the Malevolent Femcantation, and it's taking the devil a long time to prepare and get exactly right.

She reveals that by cursing and killing Noelle's mother she was able to form a partial version of herself in Vanica's body, and because Vanica is now near death she's been able to emerge in her incomplete form. Now the final part of this is for both Vanica and Lolopechka to die to complete the Malevolent Femcantation and allow her to fully manifest in the human world without needing to go through the gates opened by the Advent of Qliphoth.

Now Noelle needs to fight as hard as she can before both Lolopechka and Vanica die and Megicula becomes a full reality! What do you think of Megicula's full plan? Do you think Noelle can stop it in time? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!