Black Clover Explains How Noelle's Mother Was Cursed

Black Clover explained how Noelle Silva's mother Acier was cursed during a flashback in the newest [...]

Black Clover explained how Noelle Silva's mother Acier was cursed during a flashback in the newest chapter of the series! The intense fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad continues with the newest chapter of the series, and with the the first of the Zogratis siblings now defeated the focus of the manga has shifted to the second of the major battles. The previous chapter of the series kickstarted the long awaited rematch between Noelle and Vanica Zogratis, and it was revealed that Noelle had acquired a powerful new form during her brief time training with the Elves in the Heart Kingdom.

As Noelle starts to use this form against Vanica, this gets Vanica to remember the last time that she had been pushed to the brink. It was previously revealed in the series that Noelle's mother Acier had been stricken by a curse from the devil Megicula, and the newest chapter actually gives a glimpse into how that actually happened as Vanica thinks back to the fight against Noelle's mother long ago and how she similarly struggled.

Chapter 296 of the series sees Vanica reflecting on the last time she had faced someone with as much power, and reveals it was back when she first became Megicula's host. Wanting to see the full extent of her new power, she sought to fight against someone who had been rumored to be the strongest warrior and then found Acier. Vanica and Acier had been pushed to the brink, and things take a turn when a young Nozel (holding a baby Noelle) are spotted.

Angered at Acier threatening her children, she charges her power one more time and stabs Vanica through the stomach. It was a lethal wound, so Megicula had told Vanica to retreat. In doing so, Megicula used its curse magic to leave a mark on Acier. This is unfortunately the end of the flashback between the two of them, but we also know what happens after as we have previously learned that Acier eventually succumbs to the deadly curse after this fight.

Acier's curse wasn't just inflicted by Megicula, but was brought on by Vanica herself. That means Noelle and Vanica's fight now carries far more weight than we had previously expected. But what did you think of this flashback? Do you think Noelle has a chance of taking down Vanica when her mother couldn't? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!