Black Clover Shares Deadly Nacht Update with Latest Chapter

Black Clover shared quite the deadly update for Nacht with the latest chapter of the series! Black [...]

Black Clover shared quite the deadly update for Nacht with the latest chapter of the series! Black Clover's anime might be coming to an end in just a couple of weeks, but Yuki Tabata's original manga series is moving at full steam with the second phase of battles against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. Nacht and a few other Clover kingdom Captains had raided the Spade Kingdom in an attempt to save Yami and Vangeance from the Advent of Qilphoth ritual, but a few wrenches were thrown into the mix when the ritual started moving along a lot faster than Nacht had originally predicted.

When we had last seen Nacht in action, he and Jack were trying their best to not only fight against a fully powered Dante, but two new devils that had emerged once the gates to the underworld had been cracked open. The power of these two devils was immediately apparent, and by the looks of the end of Chapter 284 of the series, Nacht was certainly not enough to fight them off.

Black Clover Nacht Deadly Cliffhanger Chapter 284 Spoilers Manga
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Chapter 284 spends the majority of its time focusing on the help coming from Noelle and the others after they had been recovering and training in the Heart Kingdom following the fight with Vanica, but the end of the chapter provides a disastrous update as to how Nacht has been doing while stuck in the castle. Although Luck is revealed to have gained a powerful Ultimate Magic, he mentions that there's "somebody we can't afford to mess with."

Looking at the Spade Kingdom castle while the roots of the Advent of Qliphoth tree spread throughout it, the final page of the chapter sees the twin devils Lilith and Naamah laugh at how much damage they have caused. As for Nacht, he's been impaled with several of their icy spikes. It doesn't look particularly fatal as the spikes aren't going through any important spots, so it seems there's still hope for Asta to make it in time to save Nacht from true danger.

But there's still the threat of many more powerful devils within the underworld, and it's likely these two won't be the only ones we see in action as this saga reaches its climax. What do you think? How are you liking the Spade Kingdom saga's second phase of battles so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!