Black Clover Episode 168 Stills Get Dark with Nacht

Black Clover's preview stills for Episode 168 of the series get pretty dark with Nacht's full [...]

Black Clover's preview stills for Episode 168 of the series get pretty dark with Nacht's full anime debut! Although the previous episode of the series officially rounded out the final huge fight of the anime as a whole, the story is nowhere near over as Asta and the other Black Bulls were hit with their toughest loss yet as Yami had been defeated and captured by Zenon of the Dark Triad. As teased through the opening theme and a previous cameo appearance hidden in one of the episodes, it's not completely over for Asta and the others as a new ally is heading their way.

Nacht was the focus of the promo for Episode 168 of the series, and although he has yet to be named in the anime's proper, he's also the focus of the first real look at Episode 168 of the series. Not only do these preview stills show off Nacht's full introduction to Asta, but they also give away one big reveal as to why he's so important for the rest of the Spade Kingdom arc. Check out the stills for Episode 168 below:

Episode 168 of Black Clover is titled "Stirrings of the Strongest," and it's description has some big reveals so fair warning if you're hoping to go into the episode completely blind, "In order to perform the Advent of Qliphoth ritual, Yami Sukehiro of the Black Bulls and William Vangeance of the Golden Dawn are to be taken by the Spade Kingdom. Nacht Faust, a mysterious wizard and a Devil Host, appears in front of Asta."

That's not the biggest of the reveals, however, as the rest of the description details Nacht's role with Asta in the series going forward, "Nacht tells Asta that he will teach him how to use the power of the devil. At the same time in the Clover Kingdom, an urgent meeting is held between the Captains of the Magic Knights. Yuno joins the meeting as the Vice-Captain of the newly destroyed Golden Dawn."

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