Black Clover Episode Titles Tease New Arc's Devilish Story

Black Clover has been slowly but surely catching up to the manga with each new episode, but the anime will divert from that trend for the foreseeable future. Thanks to a new arc, Asta and the Black Bulls have some other big issues to worry about which aren't explored in the manga. The anime's first filler arc has got fans guessing blind about our heroes' fates, but a new set of episode titles will give audiences an idea of what's coming next.

Recently, the Twitter user Spytrue hit up fans with a few translates episode titles. The names pick up with episode 143 and carry through episode 146. After the debut of Black Clover's most recent episode, these titles are beginning to make sense, and they don't bode well for Asta.

After all, it seems the boy has been implicated in a scheme he knows nothing about. A group of vengeful villagers are led to believe Asta and Secre are to blame for their hometown being razed. And after the people bury their dead, they decide it is time for the Devil's followers to pay for their evils with their lives.

(Photo: Shueisha)

As you for the upcoming episode titles, you can read them below. Episode 143 is slated to debut next week, so Black Clover fans are eager to see what is in store for the Black Bulls following a recent ambush.

  • 143: Tilted Scale
    144: Those Who Wish For The Destruction of Devils
    145: Recapture (or Recover?)
    146: Those Who Worship Devils

As you can see, these episode titles are all about injustice, revenge, and devilish evil. Asta and Secre might use anti-magic commonly associated with the dark forces, but they are far from evil. You would be pressed to find a person more heroic than Asta, but that doesn't mean the hurt villagers know that. And when the mob is introduced to the truth - well, Black Clover fans aren't too confident they will trust in Asta or his friends' word.

What do you think about this arc so far? Do you think Black Clover can beat the odds with its first filler saga? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.