Black Clover Leaves Noelle on a Deadly Cliffhanger

Black Clover left Noelle Silva on a deadly cliffhanger with the newest chapter of the series! The [...]

Black Clover left Noelle Silva on a deadly cliffhanger with the newest chapter of the series! The second half of the fights against the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom have been intense for everyone involved, and that has been especially true for Noelle as she finally kicked off her official rematch against Vanica Zogratis in the recent string of chapters. The start of the fight really made things seemed like the fight was going to go her way thanks to her new form and new Saint Stage of power thanks to Undine's help, but the fight quickly turned fast.

When Noelle had defeated Vanica, the devil Megicula finally made her move and completely took over Vanica's body. Making matters even more dangerous was that Megicula had transformed the curse she placed within Lolopechka's body to turn her into a devil as well. Now with Megicula and the devil Lolopechka both standing before her, the newest chapter of the series quickly goes south as Noelle's newest chapter finds her at a much worse cliffhanger than the previous ones.

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Chapter 298 of the series revealed that Megicula's real plan all along was not to come out of the underworld through the Advent of Qliphoth like the others, but has been killing off certain women to help her achieve a special ritual of her own and fully flesh out her body in the human world. Noelle tries her best to fight off Megicula, but the devil's curse magic is far stronger and faster now that she's been partially unleashed in the human world.

It's trouble for Gaja as well as he's been struggling to save Lolopechka from Megicula's curse brainwashing, and dashes straight toward her with his True Lightning Magic: Nadaras do Astrauza. This cuts through Megicula's attacks, but he hesitates when getting right in front of Lolopechka herself. This hesitation gives Lolopechka the opportunity to catch him by surprise and she stabs her hand completely through Gaja's chest.

Before Noelle can react, her Spirit Dive with Undine (which was teased to have a minute long time limit) comes undone. Thus the final moments of the chapter sees her landing right in front of Megicula as the devil prepares to deal the final blow. It's a far cry from the high ending point Noelle had started off this fight before, but what did you think of this cliffhanger? Does she have a real chance at defeating this devil? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!