Black Clover Reveals Lucius' New Title

Black Clover is just a few chapters into its final act, and all eyes are on Asta right now. After his fight in the Spade Kingdom, the world knows how strong the mage is, and he will have to prove as much soon. After all, Lucius has made his move, and the devil promises to end Black Clover with a bang. And not long ago, the villain went so far as to reveal their new title to the world.

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know Lucius has taken the Clover Kingdom by surprise in the worst way. Julius has shed his facade at last, and he's ready to make war on the world. To do so, Lucius needs Asta out of the picture, and he's got the boy on the ropes. But before Asta dies, Lucius makes sure to tell him and those nearby what title he'd like to be called from there on out.

"I've taken total control of the underworld's remaining supreme devils and the devils on all other levels....who will fight for the sake of the world, and I will rule it. The Wizard King will be nothing compared to me. Let's see, I will be the Wizard Emperor," he shares.

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So, there you have it. Julius is giving up his place as the Wizard King to become something inherently evil. Lucius wants to rule the entire world with an army of devils and paladins at his side. And once all of the nations are conquered, Julius will crown himself the Wizard Emperor at long last.

As you can imagine, this plan has taken everyone by surprise as no one expected Julius to be a devil in disguise. However, the signs were all there, and Julius is well on his way to becoming a threat like none other. With Asta on death's door, the Clover Kingdom is at a major disadvantage, and there is no telling how the Captains will fare when they get to take a swing as their former leader. 

What do you make of Lucius' vision of the future? Where do you want Black Clover to take its final act? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.