Black Clover Reveals New Devil Host Ally

Black Clover just ended the first major battle with the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and Asta and [...]

Black Clover just ended the first major battle with the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and Asta and the other Black Bulls are now at their lowest point since they were completely unprepared for the fight against such strong Devil hosts. Thankfully, the newest chapter of the series officially brings in a new Devil host that is actually going to be a very important ally for Asta and the others going forward. The previous chapter of the series introduced fans to the mystery Vice Captain of the Black Bulls at last, but he's got one other big reveal alongside of him.

The cliffhanger of the previous chapter left fans with the sight that this new Vice Captain, Nacht, would have access to Devil's power like Asta and the newest chapter of the series confirms this is the case. Nacht is indeed a Devil host, and he's got a peculiar relationship with his Devil that is going to be interesting seen broken down as the series gets ready for its next major arc.

After revealing his own Weg and Devil powers to Asta at the end of the previous chapter, Chapter 262 introduces us to Nacht's devil, Gimodelo, that rides on his shoulder. The two of them are speaking casually, unlike Asta or the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad Devil and host relationships, and Nacht reveals that he was arbitrarily chosen as the Black Bulls' Vice Captain.

Nacht reveals that he's only been to the Black Bulls' hideout once because he truly hates Yami, but then he's returned and is willing to help Asta with his own Devil. The way it plays out, it seems like Nacht has more of a partnership than a host/user relationship with his Devil and it could do well to have Asta reach this same level of familiarity with his own. Regardless of what kind of future is ahead of Asta without Yami, Nacht is going to be a key ally.

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