Why Did Black Clover End End Before the Manga Finished?

The final episode of Black Clover has arrived, and fans are still not ready to say goodbye to Asta [...]

The final episode of Black Clover has arrived, and fans are still not ready to say goodbye to Asta and his dream. The manga continues on with its magical journey thanks to Yuki Tabata, but the anime has been forced to shut down production after three years on the air. As you can imagine, the Internet is not fully sold on why the anime had to close especially when a movie is now in production, but the whole thing makes sense when you get a bigger lens to examine it by. After all, there is only so much an anime can adapt when it is going off a manga, and it seems Black Clover finally caught up to the series.

Black Clover has run into a situation wherein instead of creating filler storylines or arcs to give the manga breathing room, it is instead of taking a hiatus, giving the printed stories time to continue to tell new tales of the magical world, which can then be adapted into a sequel series or perhaps future movies. Another Shonen series that ran into something similar was of course Dragon Ball Super, which ended its first anime series with the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc, as the anime had caught up to the manga, with the television series even having to change some events from how they were portrayed in the original story. There is little doubt that Dragon Ball will one day return, and the years-long hiatus has given them plenty of material to work through such as the recently concluded Moro Arc.

The latest finale ends on something of a cliffhanger, with the events wrapping the adaptation in conjunction with the story of Black Clover's manga, specifically with Chapter 270. While there could have been the possibility of Black Clover continuing with filler material, which Shonen series such as One Piece and Naruto have relied on in the past, many fans agreed that this is potentially the best method in the franchise moving forward.

Though the final episode certainly did cause some sadness with Black Clover's devoted fanbase, it was able to give viewers some heartwarming moments, especially with Asta coming into contact with his mother, and the series is also clearly planning for future events to take place.

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