Black Clover Gives Yuno His Biggest Promotion Yet

The Black Clover manga has officially kicked off the final war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom with its latest chapters, and the newest chapter of the series has taken Yuno a huge step closer towards his dream by giving him his biggest promotion yet! The start to the final arc of Yuki Tabata's Black Clover manga saw Asta taking a beating from Lucius Zogratis before it was revealed that he planned to make his move on the Clover Kingdom. While the arc has since been focused on Asta, Black Clover has been getting all the other characters ready for the final battle in full. 

This was especially true for Yuno as following Asta's loss to Lucius, and figuring that his closest rival had been killed, Yuno was more motivated than ever before to take down the big bad. The newest Black Clover chapter sees Yuno moving into action to take on Lucius after all of his training, and as the new strongest member of the Golden Dawn, the newest Black Clover chapter has also promoted Yuno as the new Captain of the Golden Dawn squad. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Black Clover: Yuno's New Role in Final Arc

The last time we had seen Yuno in Black Clover, he had taken Asta's loss to Lucius very hard. It seems that since then he's been training with both of his grimoires more than ever before, and it's made clear with Black Clover Chapter 355 that Yuno's Star Magic has become much stronger than it was during the fight against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. Easily blocking an apocalyptic looking attack from Lucius that would have destroyed the Clover Kingdom otherwise, and after William Vangeance was sidelined with a fatal looking would, Yuno is the one lone protector strong enough. 

Thinking back to how Julius Novachrono once saved the Clover Kingdom from the same kind of magic, Vangeance then realizes that Yuno has surpassed his power. Thus seeing Yuno in action and poised against Lucius himself, Vangeance appoints him the new Captain of the Golden Dawn. With Yuno's new promotion, and inner fire over Asta's loss and Sister Lily's brainwashing, Yuno is now ready to fight against Lucius and chase after his dream of becoming the Wizard King. 

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